Data centre powering

Data Centre Teleaudio has energy connection of the power of 120 kW secured by two transformers and connected to the unit of the building, which is run in emergency situations and in power failure. Thus we guarantee the continuous operation of our systems. High-power central Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) protects against power outages and short-term voltage drops, sustaining the entire server room and transmission infrastructure. Central UPS General Electric has a strong degree of autonomy up to 60 minutes which means that in the case of power failure of city lines, it can maintain the whole infrastructure for an hour while waiting for the start of the generator, which sets off within 5 minutes.

Thousand servers

Data Centre Teleaudio is a large amount of hardware dedicated for the needs of our customers and also free space prepared for colocation of our clients. We can estimate that by filling the entire server room with currently standard servers 1U, we can accommodate over 1000 and with BLADE technology even much more.

Winter all year round

Well planned cooling system is a priority of each server room, redundant cabinets are our cooling system, and the cabinets work independently in three circuits. Precise air conditioning ensures the temperature in the server room is always maintained in the required range.

Extinguishing fire with gas

Fire Safety is a responsibility that is required by the regulations, but how to put the fire out so as not to damage the expensive equipment and avoid data lose? In our case we used the most modern gas extinguishing system with early fire detection system that will stifle any fire. Central control unit of our system is linked with the fire warning system of a skyscraper, and what goes with it our possible alarm will be visible directly in a Fire Station.

Data with high availability access solutions

We know how important data safety is but we also know how important the speed of data processing and its availability are, therefore we use reputable HP matrix of EVA class for data processing of at the highest level. Access to data is implemented using a dedicated Fiber Channel network, which provides redundancy of each server connection.

You will always reach us

Our central control units are proven solution from Alcatel, supporting call centre and transit connections. We do not use VoIP and unproven, free solutions without support. You will always reach us!!