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Our company provides Premium Rate services based on SMS/IVR/MMS/WAP technology.

Hundreds of implementations including MT websites, SMS competitions, Call center and IT solutions
Our company provides Premium Rate services based on SMS/IVR/MMS/WAP technology...
Over thousand of servers, high availability data, proven Alcatel solutions.

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Through the use of SMS each contest and a lottery becomes more accessible thanks to the ease of participation without completing additional obligations such as, for example, filling out lottery forms. On the other hand, it affects the effective increase of sales of the products included in the promotion.


Mobile Payment

The most popular form of mobile transactions, providing instant access to the purchased services as a result of which mobile phone holder/credit card holder/bank account holder receives a wide range of possibilities for the acquisition of services by: one-off sending payable text messages with increased payments (SMS, MMS), adding the cost of services to a subscription/an account, receiving payable emails as a part of the subscription service, a payable voice call tariffing per minute or per connection, or a combination of Paypal payment, bank remittance and credit cards.



Helpline is a modern telecommunication tool to ensure permanent contact with information services, entertainment services and advertising services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It may take the form of a voice call centre or a text call centre playing the role of a Customer Service Call Centre, or an information centre of the products included in a competition or a lottery.

One of the components of the company management based on CRM. Currently, due to introducing of other ways than a telephone contact the improved version called the contact centre has become the standard.



MT SMS subscriptions are an alternative form of the use of SMS with increased payments. It is characterised by simplicity and clarity in terms of cost. A user by sending first free message acquires a possibility of performing recurrent purchase content. The most popular forms are: contests, subscription payments and information services (stock exchange quotation, last minute news).


SMS Campaings

SMS-based campaigns are the cheapest and quickest tool of direct marketing. Thanks to a short, concise message of up to 160 characters, you can reach the consumers no matter where they are. Recent studies show that 96% of sent messages are read within 1 minute from reaching the recipient.



SMS is an excellent communication tool supporting all forms of marketing. It allows interested users to receive trade information, to participate in contests and lotteries. Mobile Marketing affects the increase of sales, full interaction with the consumer through the following tools offered by us: SMS, MMS, WAP, Voice mailing, Helplines, mobile payments, bulk shipping and applications on mobile devices.


Direct Billing

Direct Billing is a very quick and easy method of payment which to perform payments through the internet using a mobile phone. The cost of purchased products is added to the telephone bill. Service availability: T-Mobile, Orange and Play.



Polsat TV TELETEXT is presented in the form of text-graphic pages numbered from page 100 to 899. Using text messages offered by us it is a tool to quick placement of announcements, and a platform for interaction with viewers via circulated news, information about the weather.